This video was promotional material for an event called the Progressive / Conservative Summit. I produced, shot and edited this video. It features Megan Rydecki, director of the Hauenstein Center.

This video was used to celebrate the end of the 2022-2023 academic year. I produced and edited this video.

This video was used to ask people to give to the CLA endowment during Grand Valley's Day of Giving. I produced, shot and edited this video.

This video was shown at the first event of the academic year, to help the Hauenstein Center promote their programing theme of "Empowered Citizenship". I produced, shot and edited this video. This video features students in the Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy at Grand Valley.

This video was used to promote an upcoming documentary screening. I produced, shot and edited this video. It features my colleague, Em Mckenna-Makela & the Grand Rapid's sculpture, Alexander Calder's La Grande Vitesse.


My photography skills, while not expansive, showcases my self-learning abilities. I have no formal training in photography, but was simply tasked with taking student headshots as part of my role at the Hauenstein Center. Since then, I've taught myself how to capture better photos and since then have done a few other projects, including family photos for my older sister and engagement photos for my younger sister.

graphic design

A flyer I made for The Hauenstein Center to sit on 500+ chairs at a luncheon for the Economic Club of Grand Rapids.

I made a logo and branding assets for my brother's handyman business, Handyman Zach LLC

I made a banner and signage (as well as many other things) for Tony Hixon's book launch party when I was an intern at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management.

I designed the logo, branding assets, and workbook for Refocus Coaching, my dad's retirement coaching business.


THe Hauenstein Center collection

For The Hauenstein Center, I produce, sound engineer and host different podcast series under the podcast name "The Hauenstein Center Collection". Here is a little about my role in each series...

- When we have guests come to town for events, I get to sit down and interview them about their career experiences, as well as some other random questions.

- We have a professional videographer record each of our events. I then take that video recording and use the audio from it to turn it into a rewind episode, so that people could have the opportunity to listen to a recording of the event in podcast form instead of on YouTube.

- This 5-episode series was produced and hosted by my colleague Kahler and I. We used these roundtable discussions to get the conversations started for an upcoming event about the topic of patriotism. 

For more information on any of these podcasts, you can visit

other podcast adventures

I had my own podcast for almost 3 years and it is something I am still very proud of. I started it in college where I interviewed a lot of my friends and it was such a fun time. I then did a bit of a rebrand and made it more about interviewing people about their careers. You can see all my episodes on the "podcast" section of this website, but here are three episodes that I'm very proud of...

w/ Conor Sweetman (editor of Ekstasis magazine)

w/ Emily Zugay (Tik Tok creator with over 3 mil followers)

w/ Aaron Craft (formed OSU & professional basketball player)

One of the coolest interviews I've gotten to do was with Jonathan Haidt, American psychologist and author, in February 2024.

Check it out here:
- Apple Podcasts
- Spotify

The Invested Dads Podcast is what started my podcasting journey! I was an intern at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management and one of my jobs was editing and marketing this podcast! I edited roughly episodes 20-80 of their show.

Two cool moments was getting to be on their show as a special guest near the end of my internship and then a few years later, doing a collab with their show and my podcast.

173: The Road to Success: Josh Robb’s Career Journey (Ft. The Maddy Miller Show)

174: The Road to Success: Austin Wilson’s Career Journey (Ft. The Maddy Miller Show)


Occasionally, I get hired to freelance my podcast skills in running equipment, sound engineering, editing and more. I have helped Wayman Britt with his podcast, Fulfilling the Dream, as well as Michael DeWilde, professor at GVSU, with an unreleased podcast project.


This portfolio is still a work in progress, because I moved my old portfolio from a wix site! If you would like to look at my old in-depth portfolio, which features social media management, projects and campaigns from an internship and on-campus jobs, check it out:

in-depth portfolio

password: maddymiller